Sustainable travel

Sustainable bus transfers

Thank you for visiting this page. Shared coach transfer, as you may already know, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to travel sustainably.

Coaches pollute far less than family cars and minibuses, which help reduce your impact on our beloved (and only) planet.

The mountains are already experiencing severe changes due to climate change. We want to ensure we do the least possible damage and ideally start to reverse the process.

For every ticket bought with us, then we will make a donation to Ecologi. They offset the carbon used for your transfer by planting trees and other initiatives including:

  • Safeguarding areas of the Brazilian rainforest
  • Helping fund alternative energy projects in developing countries
  • Providing climate friendly solutions to purify water without using firewood. This helps those most in need of clean water with safe but sustainable methods to remain healthy.

You can see how sustainable your travel will be by checking this page on their website.

If you would like to find out more about Ecologi, then we encourage you to visit our page on their website. There are options for gifts or subscriptions and their levels of transparency are market leading.

By choosing dartbus you are choosing the only sustainable travel provider from Geneva. We actively offsets their carbon emissions with the goal of becoming carbon neutral.