GB Telemark Team

GB Telemark Team

dartbus is proud to sponsor the GB Telemark team

However you discovered skiing, there’s a good chance at some point you saw some people tearing down a slope, slicing through gates at paces far greater than you could ever dream of – it is simply inspiring. It is also risky, extremely hard work and expensive.

We believe in supporting our athletes so they can go on inspiring and dazzling us with their hard earned skills. It fills us with pride to see them strive to be at the pinnacle of their sport and represent us all by representing our country.

dartbus wishes Jasmin Taylor and her teammates, Sissi Compton, Colin Dixon, Ben Emsley, Timoté Gough and Magnus McIntosh in the World Cup Team, and Alec Dixon, Louis Hatchwell and Bonnie Price in the three-person FIS Team every success for the forthcoming season.

Magnus McIntosh Murren FIS Telemark World Cup

Support our squad with us!

As a dartbus customer we hope you will take satisfaction in knowing you are directly contributing to helping these athletes achieve their goals.

Last season Jasmin Taylor was runner up in the competition and won two of the races held in Les Houches. Ben Emsley finished twice in the top 10 and the other squad members are all on the up and up.

A short history of Telemark skiing

Telemark skiing is not as well known amongst the public as Alpine skiing, however it is both a fascinating and beautiful sport to watch and a rewarding one to practise – once you get the hang of it! Known for the “Free Heel” and lunging that goes into a Telemark turn, the sport originated in Norway in the 19th Century. It started off mainly as a means to get around (skins can be attached to the bottom of the skis and the unattached heel allows the skier to climb slopes.) As time went on, racing started to become popular.

Jasmin Taylor Melchsee Frutt FIS Telemark World Cup

In modern times the Telemark discipline has been recognised by the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski.) Telemarker skiers are judged not only on their speed at completing the course, but also by their technique and ability to complete certain manoeuvres correctly.

Learn Telemark skiing

If you would like to learn more about trying telemark most ski rental shops carry the equipment and the head of the GB Telemark Team, Jaz, has some good advice here.