About Us

Mountain Road in Winter

dartbus gives you Direct Geneva Ski Transfers. You get on the coach at the airport and you get off the bus when it arrives at your stop. We change what can often be a stressful experience into a smooth and seamless one. We operate every Saturday during the winter season from our desk in Geneva Airport.

Unlike dartbus, other shared Geneva ski transfers can be a bit of a lottery:

  • You have no control over any changes to the route your operator may impose
  • Often you may have to change coaches for a minibus for the final leg of your journey
  • Inconveniently this frequently happens:
    • in the dark
    • in a town you don’t know
    • with staff who aren’t natural English speakers
    • with a wait for the connecting minibus
    • with the need to shift your suitcase, boot bag and skis AGAIN to join a minibus (where it may or may not fit in)

Invariably you will need to stay awake and alert when you could be relaxing and thinking about how you want to start your holiday once you arrive in resort.

dartbus passengers know from the moment the ticket is booked they can relax.

Built on a foundation of 16 years of Geneva ski transfers, there are very few situations the management of dartbus hasn’t already experienced AND handled. Yes, no one can control the weather or Customs or Pandemics, but by making the transfer direct many avoidable pitfalls will not impact your journey. You won’t have to worry about your connection or if the onward minibus will even turn up, because there won’t be one. You will be taken directly to your resort together with all your belongings in the shortest possible time.

No more:

  • rushing to get your personal belongings together or losing your phone changing from the first to the second bus
  • staying awake and having to keep an ear out for an announcement for your change of bus
  • hanging around waiting in the cold and dark for the bus connection

Say hello to:

  • Seamless travel between Geneva Airport and your resort
  • We aim to keep groups separate from our scheduled buses both for the convenience of the group and to keep our buses on time and maintain a calm relaxing environment. If you are the lead passenger for a large group of people, please ask us for a quote
  • Included flexible tickets, you have even more peace of mind knowing even if your flight is delayed, you can take the next available service

How are dartbus Geneva Ski transfers different?

Often when you take a shared Geneva Airport transfer you may have to change along the route to your resort.

We feel there is enough stress on a travel day without having unpleasant surprises.

With dartbus, you know where the bus is going when you book, you will not be asked to change buses.